State and Local Tax Law

Our Story

Founded in 2021, Abramoff Bushel LLC is a boutique law firm in Baltimore, Maryland focused on state and local taxation. The firm, comprised of David B. Abramoff, T. Scott Basik, Kaye B. Bushel and Alexander H. Bushel, handles matters concerning Real Property Tax Assessments, Personal Property Tax, Sales Tax and all other State and Local Taxes in Maryland.

Known for its work appealing real property tax assessments, Abramoff Bushel LLC also handles ancillary issues regarding real estate property tax exemptions, tax credits, and other state and local tax issues.


Our Services

Real Property Tax

Real property assessment appeals, tax credits, and exemptions.

Personal Property Tax

Personal property tax return preparation and assessment appeals.

Sales & Use Tax

Compliance, refund requests, assessment appeals, audit defense and reverse audits.